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Tips for Managing Stress & Creating Work/Life Balance


stress, national stress awareness day, information overload, email overloadIt’s ironic that the day after Election Day is the 14th annual Stress Awareness Day.  Depending on who you voted for, last night’s outcome might add or reduce your stress levels today.


Stress Awareness Day was created to raise awareness, promote well-being and guide each of us in the principles of stress prevention. Stress in the workplace is something we all experience and need less of! It’s driven in part by our constant attachment to electronic devices and the fear of unplugging.


Our 2012 State of Workplace Email Research found two-thirds of middle managers and almost half of employees experience issues outside work due to handling work-related emails.  Recent research from UC-Irvine also found those cut off from email had much less stress and better heart health overall, when compared to plugged-in colleagues.


In honor of Stress Awareness Day, here are four top tips to help you develop a greater work/life balance and help manage your stress in the workplace:

  • Take one hour a day to unplug from electronic devices—computers, laptops and smartphones
  • Be clear about your own email use outside of work hours; set expectations for employees, colleagues and clients about when they will be able to reach you
  • Reduce your number of non value added tasks and unnecessary meetings, allowing you to focus on critical initiatives and reduce wasted time
  • Say no—set expectations and don’t over commit


What one stress-reliever would be most helpful for you?



What a great post! I think we often lose the concept of work/life balance these days in the "always connected" world ... which is one of the reasons that managing our professional and personal lives can be so challenging and stressful at times. Social collaboration platforms are addressing this for work efforts, but all of our family, friend and outside-the-office groups & activities often get overshadowed. This is one of the reasons I started using Kona.com so much. Full disclosure: I loved the potential so much that I left my role at a Fortune 50 leader to join what could be one of the most amazing teams I've ever worked with in my career. If you check it out, please reach out and let me know your thoughts. Twitter: <a href="http://www.Twitter.com/IanGertler>@IanGertler
Posted @ Thursday, November 08, 2012 8:02 PM by Ian Gertler
Most of the time we cannot avoid stress, we can say it is common and natural for us to experience. Usually, what I will do to deal stress is to have a good rest or sleep, if it doesn't work, I should at least do the things that can make me feel happy and active, I think stress corresponds to our energy level, if we are weak and feel very tired, seems we are more stressed.
Posted @ Friday, April 26, 2013 10:38 AM by Sylvia Sedd
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