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Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Oct 22, 2013

Get The Secrets The Most Successful CEOs Know Today’s business world feels to many nothing shy of a pressure cooker and there’s an under-used resource many CEOs don’t realize can have a major impact on their company’s financial performance: how they communicate and engage employees.  So we’re excited to share with you our new whitepaper – What the most successful CEOs know: how internal CEO communications shapes financial performance – which sheds light on just that.

CEOs who communicate often and well inside their organizations have better reputations – and that leads directly to better business results.  They’ve also got more engaged employees – another strong, measurable driver of positive financial outcomes. What CEO doesn’t want that?

Research compiled from a number of leading sources points to some critical key headlines, including:

  • Internal communications helps drive organizational financial performance and other key business results, and enhances organizational reputation.
  • There’s a correlation between effective internal communications on topics the CEO is best prepared to address, such as explaining business conditions and challenges, providing information on organizational performance and financial objectives, superior financial performance and employee engagement.
  • Belief in senior leadership is one of the strongest drivers of employee engagement in multiple studies (and the very top driver in at least one), and there’s a correlation between confidence in senior leadership and employee agreement that senior leaders communicate well.
  • Trust in senior leadership is a significant variable in employee engagement – and there’s much ground to be regained by CEOs on this front (especially since they are not seen as the most trustworthy information source on almost any of the topics most important to employees).

The numbers tell the story and support the notion that internal CEO communications create a significant financial advantage for any organization.

Download our new free whitepaper What the most successful CEOs know: how internal CEO communications shapes financial performance – and get the stats all CEOs need to drive the best bottom-line in their business.

- David Grossman      

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