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October 18, 2021

10 Most-Read Blogs on Leadership & Communication in Q3 2021


This is the time of year I like to reflect on what’s worked well over the past several months, so I can take what has forward as I plan for the year ahead. If you find yourself with a few extra minutes, take a look here at some of our recent most-read content. There’s a great variety of posts with quick tips and strategies to help you lead and communicate in engaging ways.

Top content ranges from how to create an internal communications plan and when and when not to use email, to advice from leaders I’ve interviewed on showing their human side and building a more inclusive and diverse workplaces. There’s also guidance on how to answer difficult questions from your team, retain employees, communicate in a crisis, and more.

Top 10 Blogs on Leadership & Communication in Q3 2021

    • Be Unafraid to Show Your Human Side: 7 Leaders Tell Their Story
      I met with 7 leaders who shared with me the value they find in showing their human side as they lead.

      7 Leader's Stories
    • Want to Retain Your Employees? Do This One Thing.
      While the solutions to retaining employees are varied, here’s one thing leaders can do to help ensure their employee’s individualized needs are being met.

      Help Retain Your Employees
    • Getting Difficult Questions from Your Employees? 3 Tips to Facilitate Dialogue and Understanding
      Practice these 3 techniques to ensure you respond to tough questions from your team in a way that helps put some of their concerns to rest.

      3 Ways to Answer Tough Questions
    • Internal Communications Plan: 7-Step Strategy and Template
      Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you strategically plan your internal communications.

      Create an IC Plan in 7 Steps
    • 2020 Changed Everything: 7 Leaders Share Advice for Building More Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces 
      My new book, Heart First, includes fascinating reflections from leaders on how to respond to racial inequities and other related concerns. Here’s what the leaders I interviewed had to say.

      Build an Inclusive & Diverse Workplace
    • 4 Steps to Communicate in a Crisis Situation
      Every company deals with difficult problems and issues each day. Here’s what corporate leaders can do when something goes wrong.

      4 Steps to Effectively Communicate in a Crisis
    • 8 Tips for Leadership When Communicating During Tough Times
      Hidden in tough times is a defining moment to create real, meaningful connections to maintain – if not drive – productivity and minimize the disruptions that come with change.

      8 Tips to Help
    • 7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself In & Out of the Workplace 
      Some smart and savvy senior leaders who were committed to using their time better came up with this list of strategies.

      Get 30 Minutes Extra in Your Day
    • Managing Through Change? Employees Need to Know the Context
      When things are changing, here’s how to create a shared context for your employees.

      Create Shared Context
    • When to Use Email (and When Not to)
      You’re likely using email as a communication channel in the workplace even more now that more of your colleagues are working remotely. Here’s how to use it most effectively.

      Email Dos & Don’ts

How might one of these resources help you lead and communicate even better in the year ahead?

—David Grossman

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