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January 11, 2021

10 Most-Read Blogs on Leadership & Communication in Q4 2020


As we continue to adjust and reinvent how we lead and communicate as we kick off 2021, we want to continue to take a look at what content has resonated most among our readers. In case you missed any posts, here’s the top content others found most helpful in Q4.

10 Most-Read Blogs in Q4 2020

  • 4 Main Problems That Come With Poor Communication

    The problems that poor communication can create are often not realized until after the problems occur when business and the bottom line suffers, and yet they could have been prevented.
  • 6 Tips to Help Employees Grow and Develop

    Taking an active role in the development of your team demonstrates confidence and concern for the future of the organization. It also gives employees feelings of significance, community, and value.
  • The 5 Ws and an H Guide to Communicating Virtually Anything

    Ask any journalist and they can tell you about the 5 Ws and an H. Any solid news story covers those six basic ingredients. The same is true for communicating inside an organization, especially as it relates to sharing a compelling vision or guiding decisions about the future.
  • The Benefits of Delegation and Why Most Leaders Under-Delegate

    Mangers and leaders are often reluctant to delegate as many believe in the old adage that says, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.” Although this may be true in a handful of cases, a core component of leadership is getting work done through others.
  • 20 Years of Learnings in Leader Communications

    In working with leaders and communicators at all levels over the years, we’ve acquired some key learnings about how to be a winning communicator. Here are my top 20 observations on the essential (and proven) truths of exceptional leadership communication.
  • 5 Benefits of Having a Strong Internal Communications Strategy

    Whether you are just beginning to think about the importance of internal communication, are in the midst of an existing internal communications plan, or fine-tuning a well-oiled communications machine, the bottom line is that this is all about the bottom line.
  • 12 Tips to Communicate Better and Improve Business Results

    Whether you need to leverage new technology, engage employees to deliver better for customers, or just keep meeting your business goals, good communication is critical to any success strategy.
  • 7 Things Every Employee Wants From Their Boss

    What do employees want? While the answer varies by employee, our research and work reveals a collective “wish list” every boss should know.
  • 8 Reflections as We Head (Thank Goodness!) into 2021

    2021 – a year that couldn’t come fast enough for many of us. We’ve come a long way in the past months, and leaders, communicators and employees have flexed, stepped up to the challenges, and have shown great strength as we settle into our “new better,” as one of my colleagues says in her classically optimistic way.
  • Internal Communications Check-Up – 11 Elements to Measure Your Organization’s Temperature

    When clients come to us for help on improving communication, we start by taking the organization’s temperature. That means evaluating some big-picture indicators of its commitment to the practice and value of communication.

How might one of these resources help you lead and communicate even better in 2021?

—David Grossman

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