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November 8, 2016

A Candidate We All Can Get Behind!

Today, I plan to vote.  For Candidate Avi.

Full disclosure – she’s my daughter, and happens to be in first grade.  You’ll see her picture and platform in this blog.


Avi-Candidate.jpgMy daughter, Avi; my number one candidate.

I think it’s one you can get behind, and not just because she’s my 6-year-old!  And for the record, neither Steve nor I had anything to do with her platform, although I sense we’ve had some influence on who she is and what she believes.

In school, she answered the question, “If I were President………..”

Here are my favorite parts of her platform:

  • “I would give grown-ups breaks at work to do whatever they want.” From my experience, I bet that would drive engagement.  She goes on, “I would let grown-ups have time to visit their children in school when they wanted to.”
  • “I would make sure kids don’t get bullied.”
  • “No pollution on the ground, in the oceans, or in the air. I would plant trees for animals to live in.  I would plant bushes that give berries and fruits.”
  • And my favorite part of her platform, “I want people to know that I am nice and kind.”

That makes my heart happy!  We need more nice and kind in the workplace, and everywhere.

Move over Hillary and Donald.  Make way for Avi!

In what ways are you being kind today?

—David Grossman



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