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April 11, 2017

A Leader is Like Tofu

The nature of leadership is changing rapidly. As we work with leaders at all levels, I’ve seen firsthand that many of them are operating without a clear understanding of the critical competencies needed to succeed. These skills are different in many ways than skills needed in the past.

As a result, leaders aren’t getting the best from their people or themselves, and their organizations are missing out on opportunities. I love what Jim Collins, author of Good to Great said: “Good leaders are like tofu: clearly part of the meal, perhaps even the main source of nutrition, but the spice is provided by everyone around them.”  

Organizations don’t inspire employees—leaders do. These leadercommunicators know how to meet employees’ communication needs to build trust and credibility. And they ensure their actions match their words. That’s what leads to the discretionary effort every leader wants and needs today from his or her team. 

Most problems in business today lie in the absence of good communication. Many leaders weren’t promoted because of their leadership communication skills. Savvy leaders today know their next success most likely depends on mastering their ability to communicate and connect the dots in new ways.

What additional skills do you need to succeed?

—David Grossman

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