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September 29, 2015

Amplify Your Leader’s Voice Through Enterprise Social Media

Since one of the most powerful drivers of social media adoption is leader participation, the “social behaviors” of leaders—blogging, Yammer and Chatter dialogue, responding to comments on videos and intranet articles, etc.—can go a long way towards building and expanding the company’s online community.


Authenticity is key. Leaders may be busy—sometimes too busy to manage social interactions on their own—but employees can tell the difference between the voice of a leader and a ghostwriter. 

Did you know? One of the most powerful drivers of social media adoption is leader participation.

Repurpose leader content

Via Enterprise Social Media (ESM)-enabled channels, find novel ways to re-edit or use excerpts from videos of town hall events and other compelling in-person exchanges between leaders and employees.

Amplify storytelling

Encourage your CEO to leverage new social platforms to share personal insights and stories that relate the company’s strategy to individual contributions. 

Choose wisely

No matter how charismatic a leader may be, there will always be certain channels and vehicles that are more authentic to his or her communication style. Some are great as the stars of short videos; others have the pithy wit to master the tweet. 

How are you making sure executives and other company leaders are amplifying their voices via ESM? 


--David Grossman



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