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June 15, 2010

The business case for the leadercommunicator

Today’s business environment is one of uncertainty and change. Many factors in our changing environment force businesses and leaders to connect the dots differently:
  • Employees expect more of business, as business demands more quality and productivity of them
  • Customer service is becoming the consummate differentiator 
  • You have to connect the dots for people if you want them to understand and act on your business strategy, increase productivity or improve customer service
  • The best business plan is worthless if people don’t know where their company is going or what to do to help it get there
  • Nearly 50% of employees say they don’t understand their company’s business strategies or what is required for success

In the end, everything you need to get done is through people:
  • The role of leadership communications no longer applies solely to a few C-level executives…or to supervisors
  • Today, we need everyone inside our organizations to lead – no matter where they sit, or whether they have direct reports or not.  Even traditional managers must lead.
  • A leader’s ability to engage and connect each employee to the organization is key to achieving performance and long-term goals
We’ve entered the dawn of the leadercommunicator, where you can’t separate communication from leadership.
To connect the dots, we must engage people in the business strategy and help them understand how they fit in.  Then, manage messages so we influence the decision moments and the discretionary effort people choose to give (or not give).
How well are you managing messages, decision moments and discretionary effort?

- David Grossman

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