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June 29, 2010

Leadership Styles Considered: Communicating effectively with a left-brained leader

Left-brained leaders (and this is the majority of senior leaders today):

  • Focus on logic (vs. emotion)
  • Think in words (rather than images)
  • Are highly analytical
  • Approach challenges in a linear way
  • Do a lot of advanced planning (they don’t wing it)

When communicating with a left-brained leader:

  • Outline your thoughts in steps that flow logically (first, then second, then third)
  • Focus on the rationale for a decision
  • Appeal to their decision-making abilities with specific consideration of options and their implications, along with any potential hypotheses you have
  • Discuss details – they matter
In the end, the ultimate approach might be to appeal to both sides of the brain.  You might begin by painting a picture of the future state you envision, appealing to the right brain, and then quickly move to your recommendations and the rationale behind them, appealing to the more analytical left-brain side. This will help ensure your audience hears your message and is inspired to act on it.
- David Grossman
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