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August 2, 2010

What people are asking: A recent Ask David iPhone app question

Question. What are the 5 most important skills a coach in the professional world should have?

Answer. Here’s my list of top qualities for a coach:

  • self-awareness: knowing enough about yourself so your coaching can be focused solely on your client; in other words, your issues don’t get in the way of helping someone else
  • ability to build trust: the foundation of all relationships and the pathway to being able to help in an efficient and effective way
  • listening: for what’s said, and more importantly, for what’s not said
  • asking questions: to help gain information that’s useful to problem-solve
  • ability to problem-solve: my bias is not to tell clients what they need to do, but rather discuss options, and allow them to come to their own conclusions

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- David Grossman

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