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October 13, 2010

Lousy Leaders: Share Your Stories for Our Next E-book

Those of you who know me in any capacity—whether it’s from working with me or from my blog or other social media—know that I’m a “glass half full”-kind of guy.

That said, I regularly get the privilege of listening to employees and getting their feedback about how communication is flowing inside teams and organizations, and I continue to wonder what gets in the way of leaders being better.  Like employees, they want to do a good job, yet when you listen to employees, you are always regaled with stories about leaders who are less than stellar.  And I’m being kind here. 

For every leader out there who’s hard at work on the path to self-improvement, to becoming a better leadercommunicator, who feels deep responsibility for every aspect of their company’s success and employees’ lives, there are plenty more who blithely tear through, leaving a trail of tears and destruction in their wake. 

Many of us have worked for these people—or at the very least have friends or loved ones who have had the distinct displeasure—and it’s time to out their flaws, their quirks, their misguided, mixed, or inadvertently insulting messages, and everything else they communicate—whether consciously or not, with words or through actions, in person or through the company grapevine—to create a toxic, unproductive, or otherwise less-than-ideal workplace.

Let loose!  I want to know!  What really defines a lousy leader?  Be specific, be general, just share. 

Needless to say, I’m not looking for names or company specifics.  I’m not looking for gossip.  My goal is to compile the firsthand experiences and insights that will help me create a nuanced and complicated picture of the failures of leadership.

I plan to pull them all together in a future ebook—and to offer them (of course, my end goal is continual improvement) as a guide to leaders who might not even realize they need some serious leadership development and training.  Yes, it will be entertaining (especially if you’ve experienced any of the lousy leadership traits first hand), but it will also be educational and offer direction for anyone who’s struggling to be a better leader.  Which is, of course, anyone who’s ever been a leader.

Let me know your thoughts about lousy leaders….so we can help more leaders know how to not be one of them!

- David Grossman 

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