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December 8, 2010

Communicating about Internal Communications

cwbulletinA quick thank you to so many of you who regularly share your thoughts, insights, and perspectives with me on leadership and internal communication.  You perspectives regularly inform my thinking, and help me stay close to the best thinking, and the latest ideas and strategies. 

It’s these insights that form the basis of our soon-to-be-released ebook on the biggest mistakes communication mistakes (look for it in January), and I’m still collecting your thoughts on lousy leaders (if you missed the original post, read it here to learn more or share your thoughts). 

Furthermore, I’ve also found that certain posts have really struck a chord with you, and in recent months, posts from this blog have found their way into two publications:  the IABC’s CW Bulletin and, an online publication for the LGBT business community.  I hope you’ll read them both, and I’ve included the details and links below. 

Make the Grade with the Four Fs of Feedback:”  A constructive look at how to give feedback that won’t fall on deaf ears, and that will have the effect you want. 

The Top Three Communication Myths That Impede Leader Effectiveness:”  Fall prey to these common misconceptions at your own risk!  They undermine productive communication, lead to leader-employee disconnects, and create avoidable challenges. 

What are the topics you’d like to learn more about?  The blog posts you’d like to see expanded?  Or is there an ebook you’d really like to read?  Please share your thoughts with me.


- David Grossman


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