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January 5, 2011

Your Votes Are In: The Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

Since The Grossman Group launched the new in March of 2010, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on and experiences with internal communication here on this blog.  Though I had not had experience with blogging in the past, I have discovered that I enjoy it immensely for two primary reasons:  1) It challenges me to work through my daily experiences and shape them into cohesive material with valuable (I hope!) takeaways.  And 2) It affords me an unprecedented opportunity to engage with other leaders and communicators, to get valuable feedback, and to feel how what we do at The Grossman Group is connected to an extensive community of professionals, all of whom are working daily to master and advance communications best practices. 

As I reflect on 2010—and think about new and continuing directions for 2011—I find that there are certain posts that have really spoken to readers, who, in this age of web analytics, made their approval known through page views, links, and time spent on the blog. I know it was elucidating to me to learn what topics resonated the most, and so I thought I would revisit with all of you the most popular blog posts of 2010.  So, without further ado, following are The Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2010, counting down from number 5…


Start Here:  A Dozen Skills You Need for Two-Way Communication

Last week I talked about the nine fast (and not so fast) fixes for two-way dialogue.  This week, it's time to think about the actual skills you need to improve that same kind of dialogue. So just what are these skills?   Don't worry, following is the list of 12 must-know, must-master abilities that make for good communication.  (read more)


7 Actionable Tips for Leaders to Build Trust That Lasts

In the graduate course I teach at Columbia University, my students thirst for practical ideas and insights on ways to build trust.  The burning question I often hear from them—and just as often from senior executives—is, how can I get employees to trust me? (read more)


Top 10 Must-Do Strategies for Persuasive Presentations 

Prepping for an important presentation? As you’re purposefully planning, think about the following 10 criteria of a successful presentation.  These are best practice strategies that can help you turn any presentation into a great conversation, and get what you want in record time.  (read more)


The Four Fs of Feedback 

If you were to give yourself a grade for how effective you are at giving feedback, what grade would you choose?  Many of the executives I work with are brutally honest and give themselves an F. (read more)

And the most popular blog post from 2010….


Communication Techniques 101:  Communicating your strategic plan 

You spend hours as a management team working tirelessly on your organization’s strategic plan.  Data is reviewed, the future envisioned, and words are put onto paper. You leave your two-day meeting confident in your strategic plan and energized about your path forward. What do you really have?  A piece of paper.  (read more)

Is there a post that spoke to you that didn’t make it into the Top 5?  A topic I haven’t covered at all that you keep watching for?   I’d love to hear your thoughts.

- David Grossman


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