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January 18, 2011

New eBook: The Greatest Mistakes (You Don’t Want to Make)

describe the image“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” --Oscar Wilde 

One of the best e-discussions I’ve been part of recently happened in a LinkedIn group that was pondering the question, “What’s the greatest mistake(s) a leader can make?” It got me thinking about what we do, and the big no-nos you want to avoid. These aren’t the mistakes that can cost you your job, but ones that can cause unnecessary frustration, aggravation and reduce your leadership impact and results.

I’ve made my share of mistakes in my career and tried to learn from them. That said, there also were times that very “smart people” who “had been here before” saved me the pain and aggravation of screwing something up royally (or not so royally!).

While we can – and need to – learn from our mistakes; we also can learn from others when we’re open to new ideas and are willing to ask for help and guidance in unfamiliar territory. 

All of which gave rise to my newest ebook, “The Greatest Mistakes (You Don’t Want to Make).”  At first glance, the title might sound a little pessimistic—who really wants to focus on mistakes?—but the reality of each page is far more positive:  Communications experts sharing their knowledge to help their colleagues and peers, and ultimately a resource of inspiring takeaways and actionable tips for effective leadership and communication for 2011…and years to come.

So compiled here is wisdom from smart people that’s bound to save you time, energy and improve your results – not to mention win you applause from the leaders you support. I’ve seen these ideas work irrespective of the economy, industry or leader’s personality or style. You might even want to take a bow now…for how much smarter you’re about to become.

Download “The Greatest Mistakes (You Don’t Want to Make).” 



- David Grossman

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