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August 17, 2011

New Ebook for CEOs: Make Your Strategic Plan a Reality

describe the imageIt's that time of year...  Your senior management is hard at work on your organization's strategic plan, the roadmap to success and growth in the year ahead.  With all the thought and energy that's gone into it, all the great minds that have come together to create it, it has to be a success, right?  

Ah, if only it were that easy.  While you may have a piece of paper that spells out your strategic plan, the cracks can start to show as soon as you begin to take it from theory to practice.  Ask just a few questions, and you realize that the even very senior leaders who created the plan aren't necessarily in alignment about key terms and concepts. Move even further down in your organization, and you'll find employees who aren't aware there is a strategic plan, let alone possess an understanding of how they fit into it.

All too many CEOs assume that signing off on the strategic plan is the end of their responsibility.  But here's the reality: Even the best strategic plan is only as good as the people who put it into action. If your employees, from the bottom up, don't know what they need to do to make it work, it's not just a challenge for them to help you realize your strategic vision, it's actually impossible.

Here’s a fact: Employees cost businesses billions of dollars every year because they don't fully understand their jobs, their roles within the organization, or how what they do fits into the strategic whole. If there's a master strategic plan, nobody's told them. This disconnect doesn't just affect them -- and their sense of engagement and purpose -- it affects the productivity, direction, and success of the entire organization.

But it's all avoidable!  

It was this knowledge that inspired me to write my newest ebook: The Mistakes CEOs Can't Help But Make....  And the Fixes They Can't Afford Not to Make.  What You Need to Do to Make Your Strategy a Reality I have worked with too many leaders who are incredibly smart and have game-changing vision, but who stumble when it comes to implementation. While their strategy might exist on paper, it's not making it into the hearts and minds of employees at every level of the organization. In short, any strategic plan is only asgood as its related communication plan.  

With The Mistakes CEOs Can't Help But Make....  And the Fixes They Can't Afford Not to Make.  What You Need to Do to Make Your Strategy a Reality, I give CEOs the communication strategies and tools they need to connect vision and implementation, putting organizations on the path to unprecedented effectiveness, efficiency and profits.  Learn how to take the annual strategic plan from the minds of senior team members and plant it firmly in the hearts, minds, and actions of every person in the company--from managers and team leaders to those at the front lines of day-to-day customer interaction.

The economy might be rough, but there’s no reason this shouldn’t be your organization’s best year ever…

Download it today.

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