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August 24, 2011

An eThoughtstarters Starting Thought for the End of Summer...

describe the imageIn just a few weeks, fall will be here. For most of us, that means kicking things back into high gear (if we ever even downshifted to begin with): more meetings at work, a fuller inbox, fewer out-of-office replies, busy back-to-school kids’ schedules, and the list goes on... 

But here’s what I think: August might just be the only month of the year that it’s okay to slow down. In the weeks before Labor Day, most everyone manages to slip away for a few extra days—if not a week or two—and we’re all clinging to the last bit of summer. Even if our rational brains resist, some part of all of us just wants to sit on a porch swing and watch the shadows lengthen, with no places to go, no people to see. 

I hope you’re all finding ways to rest and recharge before it’s back to business-as-usual... 


- David Grossman


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