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October 12, 2011

Steve Jobs' Legacy and the Value of Creating a Legacy Statement

While few leaders will rival the likes of Steve Jobs, there’s much we can learn from him, and what he did well, especially when it comes to envisioning the future and motivating others to see and achieve what’s possible.

Here’s what USA Today had to say about Jobs:

“Jobs touched lives by shaping our digital universe.  He leaned on others for technology, but it was Jobs who dreamed what was possible and had the skill and acumen to deliver products that showed us new ways of thinking.”

Quite a powerful legacy.

I wonder whether Jobs purposefully thought about his legacy and what he wanted it to be.  How he wanted to be described.  I imagine he did.

I’m fortunate to work with many senior leaders and help them develop and articulate their aspirations for the future.  With many, we talk about the legacy they want to achieve.  Some aren’t open to the topic, saying their legacy will be determined by outside factors; for others, it’s the start of a powerful dialogue that sets in motion a paradigm-shift about one’s work, career, and life.

Creating a legacy strategy and statement can seem daunting at first, yet paves the way for a different kind of strategic focus and passion.  It’s the perfect complement to your business goals and strategy, and can help guide not only your thinking, but more importantly, your behaviors and the behaviors of others.

More than just how you will be remembered, a legacy strategy and statement help you purposefully plan and guide your own future as you think about what you’re uniquely qualified to do for your organization.  It’ll help you create your future.  And might even make for a great mention in a USA Today article.

How might creating a legacy statement benefit you?


- David Grossman




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