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March 21, 2012

Emailing a Group of People? The Essential Email Request

A business colleague and friend recently had her second child and sent along pictures of her new son.  Adorable.  I’m thrilled for them, and was excited to see the pictures.

There were dozens of us on the email, and at the end of the email she said this:

“As an inbox courtesy, please do not reply all, but rather reply to me directly if you like.  Thanks so much.”

Brilliant.  I didn’t get one email from someone who hit “reply all.

How much time might we save if others added this simple request when emailing a group of people?  Or, if we just didn’t use reply all except when it’s absolutely, positively necessary, which is rare.

Email abuses are everywhere. This is one small but helpful step that can make a significant difference.

I hope this suggestion might give birth to others you have.  Please share what’s working with you.

What other great solutions have you found to reduce the flurry of emails in your inbox?

-David Grossman


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