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April 17, 2012

Get the New Free Ebook: Can You Hear Me Now?

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It goes without saying that most of us would rather never face difficult times in business.  But tough times can present opportunity, particularly when it comes to employees and employee engagement.  In times of uncertainty and flux, employees are eager for a leader who can step up, take charge, and guide them with strategy, vision, and integrity.  

Yes, it's a challenge, but it's one that can be accomplished with an understanding of what it really means to communicate and connect with employees.  In my newest ebook, I share the strategies and tools of The Grossman Group's award-winning messagemapIt's a methodology built on best practices in leadership, internal and organizational communications, and has been proven, tested and refined over the years through our team's work with Fortune 100 and other organizations with big, complex stories to tell.  (I've even included a case study from our work with one of our clients, a leading hospitality company.)

Download Can You Hear Me Now? Make What You Say Matter and Increase Your Chances of Being Heard and get detailed, valuable steps that leaders can take to connect with employees.  The result is better engagement, employees who understand their roles, and ultimately a dedicated team that is an integral part of your organization's success.


  • The hallmarks of the best strategic messaging platforms.
  • How to create a message platform that is the basis for all your communication.
  • Untold messaging secrets that will help you capture your audience and get your messages heard.
  • How you can reclaim and own communication in your organization.
  • and more.

Have you discovered what's possible when people listen to you? 

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-David Grossman


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