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April 17, 2018

Spring Cleaning, Communication-Style, and the Mess I Made


I’ve started the seasonal ritual of cleaning and organizing my home, and was reminded this past weekend that – with the best intentions in mind – I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. In my case, I was overly ambitious and while Steve, Avi, Noa and I accomplished a lot, I didn’t set myself up or our family for success.

Instead of creating a few small wins that were motivating to everyone, I created one larger mess. At least the former clutter was organized clutter! Now there was clutter just about everywhere, which left me with the feeling of success and of dread, and part of me just wanted to throw everything into a closet on each floor and close the door.

We sometimes take the same approach as we think about getting better at communicating. With the best intentions, we devise lofty goals that will be hard to achieve instead of picking one or two small improvements we can achieve and will stick to over time.

Examples of Small Steps That Can Lead to Big Wins

For example:

We think: “I need to start planning my communication to be more effective instead of winging it.” A great goal, and one of the most common and needed solutions for many leaders to be even more effective.

What we often do: Try to be more planful and intentional in all our communications moving forward.

What's better: Pick 1-2 key communication opportunities every week for the next month where you commit to plan how you communicate

The commitment needed would be about one hour per week.

Another example:

We think: “I need to become a better listener.” (We all can improve how we listen for what’s said, and for what’s not said. If that’s a goal you have, here are some behaviors to consider).

What we often do: Nothing because we’re not sure where to start, and/or we pick too many things to work on.

What's better: Pick one behavior to work on. For example, “During the next 30 days, I will stop finishing other people’s sentences.”

Both examples above are a start, and will begin a better habit upon which you can build. 

They’re great first steps, which can help you feel success and some momentum to keep going!

What one step will you take in the next 30 days to improve how you lead and communicate?

—David Grossman

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