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July 16, 2012

Infographic: Middle managers are frozen by information overload, costing companies millions


Information overload is a paralyzing problem, especially for middle managers.  Not only are managers often squeezed between a rock and a hard place, they also are stuck between their inboxes and outboxes.  They receive direction and information from the top, along with requests and input from their direct reports, causing an information traffic jam.  Across industries, managers struggle to prioritize and move projects forward.  They are frozen, and email is a major contributor to the overload these middle managers feel.

Our recent 2012 Email Perception Study found that in addition to information overload, middle managers are most affected by emails that are irrelevant to their work – costing them an average of 100 wasted hours a year (and their companies, upwards of 1 million dollars annually).

Additionally, two-thirds of middle managers surveyed and half of employees experience issues from using email outside normal business hours, including work-life balance challenges, the fear of missing relevant information, or stress from checking email.

To get the facts on the freeze and the fix, check out our infographic, which further explores the cost of email overload and its effect on middle managers:


(Click on the image for the full infographic.)

Are you frozen in information overload?  Share your experiences below and I’ll reply with my tips.

Or if you’d like to discuss custom individual or organization-wide solutions, send a note to and we’ll get in touch with you soon.  

--  David Grossman

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