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August 7, 2012

Caddyshack Makes My Top 10 “Must Knows” of Americana: What’s on Yours?

A team member was relaying the story of a client last week who ran over a chipmunk. The client felt bad about it, and as my team member was telling me the story, and how she and the client eventually started joking about how one less chipmunk means one less ruined garden (no offense to chipmunk lovers everywhere!), we spun into a relaxed conversation as we tend to do occasionally on a Friday.

Then suddenly we had the same thought: Caddyshack! Of course, who can talk about small garden-eating rodents without the image of Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, the ultimate gopher warrior, bombs away on the golf course, throwing everything including the kitchen sink at his nemesis (one of my favorite scenes from the movie …..)

We all know who wins, because we’ve all seen Caddyshack. Or so I thought. 

Our intern, Claire, chimed in that she has never seen Caddyshack. What? We couldn’t believe it! Who has not seen Caddyshack? 

It started us thinking about the fact that Millennials entering the workforce don’t share our Gen-Xer cultural reference points. Do they need to? I would argue, yes, there are certain things that Millennials must study up on so they can laugh along with us.  And, there are some things we Gen-Xers need to bone up on, too.  Goes both ways.

For Claire, Caddyshack is just one of them. What movies or bands would be on your list? Let me know here…

And what might we Gen-Xers need to know?

By the way, Claire has been assigned to watch Caddyshack, and I’m looking forward to having her report.  Maybe I'll ask her to share her thoughts in a future blog post.  And I'm waiting to hear what movie Claire thinks I need to experience.


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