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August 20, 2012

Does email overload hinder your productivity? Sign up for our popular webinar, “Enough Already! Stop Bad Email. Reversing the Notion to ‘Ban’ Email” today!

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We’re excited to share that on Wednesday, August 29, we’ll be hosting a back-by-popular-demand live webinar – “Enough Already! Stop Bad Email. Reversing the Notion to ‘Ban’ Email” – drawing on key headlines, themes and takeaways from our 2012 Work-related Email Perception Study.

In today’s global workforce, people are overwhelmed by their inboxes. “Enough Already! Stop Bad Email” provides a fresh perspective about email in the work-place based on quantitative data collected from corporate executives in Fortune 1000 companies, middle managers, supervisors and employees.

The results of our new research commissioned in partnership with LCWA Research Group challenges what others are saying and doing. Simply stopping workplace email is not the answer. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • About today’s overall internal communications climate
  • The impact irrelevant emails have on employees and how it affects the bottom line
  • Insights into what employees are saying about work-related emails and what management needs to know
  • How organizations are responding

This is a unique opportunity to learn new insights and winning strategies, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and consider what's possible to elevate and accelerate your business results by stopping bad email, today.

Join us for “Enough Already! Stop Bad Email. Reversing the Notion to ‘Ban’ Email” – sign up today!  


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