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December 11, 2018

Take Your Holiday Vacation – and Don’t Check Workplace Email


With the holiday season upon us, I know being able to disconnect from the office while on vacation is top of mind for many of us.

So as you’re thinking about how you’re going to make it totally clear in your out of office message that you’re not going to be checking email, consider a line from one of my favorite out of office messages I've received:

It starts with the typical, “I’m out of the office from this date to that date…” and concludes with: "I will not check my e-mail AT ALL."

What a fantastic idea to truly disconnect … and make it completely clear to those who are looking to get in touch that you’re unreachable. One tweak to the message might be to include a contact who’s available to help in case of an urgent matter. If others can't lead in our place, it says something about us as a leader!

Some of us might not be able to achieve totally disconnecting, but with the right planning, we can at least reduce the need to check email to once a day for 10-15 minutes. If you can't reduce your time on email, it's worth reflecting on why that is, and what need checking emails fulfills for you, even when you're on vacation.

So, let’s join forces this holiday and pledge not to check email, or to reduce your time on email and replace it with time for those you love. If you're in, here's a pledge that might be helpful to you.

What plans do you need to set in place now so you can disconnect and take the upcoming vacation days you've earned to re-charge?

—David Grossman

Click below to download—The Email-Free Vacation Pledgeand follow eight great steps to ensure your vacation doesn't turn into a "workcation."

Email Free Vacation Pledge

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