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January 15, 2019

An (almost) email-free vacation. How did you do?


My intention over the holidays was to spend quality time with my family and not to check email. I came very close.

A client issue came up, and my office texted me to check my email for the details, which was the plan for anything urgent.

I checked the critical email, and then couldn’t help myself but to keep looking at what else was in my email. After about 3 minutes, as I started getting drawn back into work, I had a coaching session with myself and came to my senses! 

My self-talk was as follows:

“You handled the urgent issue that needed your input. Your commitment is to not check email and spend quality time with your family. Now back to vacation. Remember your plan and intention.”

I then closed my email. It was a close call, and I have to admit getting pulled back into email was very tempting. It’s like my favorite bag of Pop Chips (regular flavor). Once you open it, it’s hard not to finish the whole thing! After all, it’s only a couple hundred calories. 

Glad I resisted.

How did you handle email over the holidays and what's a learning you can take forward?

—David Grossman

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