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January 22, 2013

A cool ad celebrating effective use of email (and not using reply all)


I saw this ad over the holidays and thought it was cool….so I thought I’d whip up a quick blog post.

I’ve focused a lot in the past year or so to help us all use email better, and think about some of the habits we might have that get in the way. Yes, we all have bad email habits; it’s not just the other guy! 

Even Cool Whip, as it introduces frosting, has caught on to the need to stop reply all.

And if you’re working on some of the other bad habits too (hiding behind email, too many back and forths, using email as a default, I could go on), I should say that’s frosting on the cake!

Better use of email IS definitely a reason to celebrate. 

How are you doing at not hitting that “reply all” button?

- David Grossman

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