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April 3, 2019

One Way to Be a Leader People Want to Follow


Why do people follow leaders?

Hint: it’s not because of that really great PowerPoint presentation on the new strategy you gave at the quarterly all-hands meeting. Or because of your tenure. Or title.

The simple answer is we follow leaders because of how they make us feel. (And by the way, to be a leader, you need to have followers.)

Think about leaders you follow (besides on Twitter). It’s likely that they’re people you trust. People you admire. People you see as authentic. In the end, they engender positive feelings in you.

The opportunity, of course, is getting your team to have those same feelings about you.

Next week, I’ll share another sure-fire way to be a leader people want to follow.

Tip #1 – Paint a Picture of the Future

One way is to inspire others by painting a picture of the future you envision. And not just any future, but one that inspires us, one that we want to be part of.

In this case, two words can make a difference: “Imagine if...”

It’s your opportunity as a leader to inspire those around you by helping them see what you envision. It’s about possibilities, aspirations, dreams.

Some other ways to communicate what you envision:

  • What if we…
  • How might it be if we…..
  • Might it be possible to…

Talk about what’s possible and tie it to your business goals. When you do that, and you appeal to others to share in the future you envision, you’ll engage employees in a meaningful journey toward a worthy destination.

What do you envision and how are you communicating what’s possible?

—David Grossman

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