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March 27, 2013

Starting thought: I’m email-free this week

starting thought, email free vacation, david grossman, email free workplaceI’m on vacation this week. It’s spring break, and I wrote my starting thought last week, as I was preparing to take some much-needed time off with my family.

It’s been a journey for me to not check email on vacation, and during winter break, I almost did it. If you’re up for the challenge of a vacation without email, here are some suggestions to consider.

I was short on planning time last week, and I hope that’s not going to get in the way of me focusing on what’s most important for a week – my family.  Even so, I found it much easier this time to get ready for my vacation, and am excited to step away from my computer.

That’s usually how it is when trying something new.  It gets easier the more you do it.

“I’m going to try it again,” my 3-year-old says when she doesn’t succeed at first at something new.  It’s a variation of my thought: “try and try again.”  The trick is to not try and try the same thing again and again; sometimes, mastering a new skill means trying new ways of doing things until you find what really works for you.  Then stick with it.

I think I could get used to email-free weeks!

How might you improve how you use email (whether you’re headed on vacation or not)?

-        David Grossman


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