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July 31, 2013

Starting thought: The Importance of Having a Mentor, Whether Entry-Level Millennial or CEO

Everyone needs an outside perspective sometimes – whether from a friend, colleague, consultant, or mentor.  Many of us need that caring perspective more regularly to solve an interpersonal challenge, allow us to vent, help guide our career decisions, or cheer for us from the sidelines.

I was fortunate to have a number of wonderful mentors in my career, and I believe everyone in business should consider having a mentor during the defining moments of one’s career.

The best mentors coach, guide, teach and inspire others. They share their expertise with individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance their education and build their networks.

To me, mentors are like a career’s best friend. Can’t live without them.

If you’re considering having a mentor, here are some of the characteristics of successful mentors.  They:

  • Are trustworthy, non-judgmental, ethical and self-confident
  • Have a genuine interest in helping people advance their careers
  • Have a strong professional network
  • Profess a similar work style to their protégé
  • Have good listening skills
  • Have an ability and time to be supportive
  • Are respected by peers and management
  • Are confident in their own success
  • Are committed to a protégé’s success

The choice is a very personal one and needs to be the right fit for the mentor and protégé.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more on mentorship and how to make the most of a mentoring relationship.

Might a mentor be helpful to you, given where you are today?

David Grossman


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