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November 5, 2019

The Two Steps to Make Any Communication Successful


Communication—done well—can be tough. But how can you increase the chances you will be effective and get what you want?

To get good at anything—whether in sports, business or a big focus of mine, parenting—you need to work at it. 

Experts in anything practice. There’s a consistent pattern of effort successful people apply to the areas in their lives where they want to increase their expertise (and reduce their stress). There are very few Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods, or Steve Jobs. The rest of us need to work at the skills we want to acquire. Regularly.

An Approach for Success

Reading about how to handle two young children with their own ideas about the bedtime ritual is sure a lot different than establishing a routine in your home and making it stick. For my husband and me, it was all about try-and-try again, and being consistent. We planned how we wanted it to work, psyched ourselves up, and went for it. The first few times were a little rough, but it got easier with practice and experience under our belt.

Too often when it comes to communication, things are thrown together at the last minute.  It’s an afterthought. Or, worse yet, there’s an overconfidence that we’ve “got it.”

You can wing it and leave your results to chance, or be planful and practice. Those two steps will increase your chances ten-fold of being successful.

How do you get in front of the process of communication instead of it being the last step? 

—David Grossman 

Click below to download a free tool—Take 5™ Planning Template—to map out your communication, whether it's to one person, a group or an organization. Being more purposeful in your communications can take as little as five minutes.

take 5 planning template


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