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November 12, 2013

How Peoples Gas Is Communicating Its Brand Promise

Forgive the pun—I got a gas out of seeing this Peoples Gas truck.


Take a look at the content on the side of the truck:

WE DELIVER warmth safety smiles

Expertise hot breakfasts confidence

Cozy nights trust NATURAL GAS.

One of the best ways to help your employees feel connected and engaged is to help them understand the higher purpose of their role.

Their job is one essential component.  More important is the role that they play and how they contribute to the team’s and organization’s success. Plus, we can’t forget the “what’s in it for me?” that is partially embedded into discussions about a larger contribution.

It’s the difference between someone saying that they’re building a wall while another is building a castle.  We need more people to see their role as building a castle.

The Peoples Gas truck covers both:

1. We deliver natural gas – that’s what they do

2. We deliver warmth, safety, smiles, expertise, hot breakfasts, cozy nights, and trust – that’s their higher purpose

What a fantastic way to memorialize who they are and what they provide.  And who doesn’t want to be part of cozy nights and hot breakfasts?

It’s a constant reminder to employees as to what’s important and how they’re in the driver’s seat to deliver on that promise.  For that pun, I ask for no forgiveness!

How might you take this great visual concept and apply it to your team or organization?

- David Grossman


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