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July 24, 2019

4 Ways to Role Model Your Leadership Actions


You’re aware that employees listen to what you say, and pay close attention to what you do. The reality is that when it comes to keeping employees engaged, body language speaks first, and often louder than words.  

There’s no better way to think about how others see you than to visualize that there’s a mirror in front of you all the time. What might others see and pick up on? How might you use your body language purposefully?

Reflect on what others are seeing and develop the awareness not only to act the role of the leader you want to be, but to role model the actions and characteristics that you would like to see in others.

Role Modeling 101

1. Want your team to know you’re listening?

Repeat or paraphrase what they tell you so they know you not only heard them but are processing and thinking about what they’ve said.

2. Want employees to follow certain procedures?

Use the same procedures yourself, and explain why you’re using them and how they help.

3. Want your team to know you care about them?

Ask them how they’re doing or what’s on their mind. And if they offer an idea on something that could be improved, take action on their idea.

4. Do you want to send a message that you’re open and available to your team?

Walk the floors or halls of your company, keep your office door open, or join your team members for lunch or during a break.

What might a mirror show you, and how might you role model even better?

—David Grossman

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