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November 20, 2013

Starting Thought: Move Over, Micromanager Boss, And Make Way For A Master

I caught up with my nephew recently who was sharing with me how he changed jobs (and bosses) within his company.

He moved from a micromanager to one who trusts his people to do their jobs well.  “What an unbelievable difference,” he said, as his tone changed.  He described his new un-helicoptering boss with great delight, and alluded to working even harder for this boss.  He is happier and healthier in his new spot.

Among the stories he shared, he recounted a recent vacation where he was on work email, and his boss admonished him to stop working and ensure he was getting some much needed R&R.  We need more bosses like him!

I wonder whether his former boss, Mister Micromanager, knew the impact he had on my nephew and his peers?  I bet if he did, he might consider changing his ways.  Maybe he does know, and has decided that’s how he needs to work.  If so, he’s letting what most likely is anxiety or stress drive how he manages. Not a great way to lead --- for him or those who work with him.

That’s a lose-lose for all.

Are there ways you manage that are driven by your anxiety or stress?

- David Grossman


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