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January 15, 2014

Join Us For The 7th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week

clean out your inbox week

We’re honored to participate in the 7th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week, which is taking place from January 20–24. Dedicated to tackling email overload and striving for a manageable, clutter-free inbox, Clean Out Your Inbox Week is a great opportunity to start the new year with a fresh email slate. We’re excited to be partnering with 3 email experts, Monica Seeley, Marsha Egan, and Steuart Snooks.

Here are the topics that Clean Out Your Inbox Week will cover:

  • Day 1 (Mon Jan 20): Why keep your inbox clean
  • Day 2 (Tues Jan 21): When to clean out your inbox
  • Day 3 (Wed Jan 22): How to clean out your inbox
  • Day 4 (Thurs Jan 23): Smart email etiquette
  • Day 5 (Fri Jan 24): Pulling it together and moving forward

To get the tips, strategies, and resources on the above topics, check out the Clean Out Your Inbox Week Facebook page. You can also join the discussion by using the #cleaninbox hashtag on Twitter.

Tune in on Friday January 24 when I’ll share my thoughts on what I see as the future of email and how we can better use it as leaders and communicators.

- David Grossman


Want to get a head start on tackling email overload? Check out our Email Research and Resource Center today. You’ll find our research on the state of workplace email, insights on recent email trends, and our free ebook, The Definitive Guide to Taming the Email Monster.

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