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January 16, 2014

Matt Damon’s Presentation Win At The Golden Globes

Last week I wrote about Michael Bay, who walked off stage during a CES presentation when he experienced a teleprompter glitch, and how it’s best to handle those circumstances. And then this weekend while watching the Golden Globes, I came across an example of someone who also experienced a teleprompter problem while presenting in front of a large crowd, but rather than derailing, handled it in a way that won the audience over.

All of the actors and actresses who introduce the Golden Globe nominees for best picture read off a teleprompter. But when Matt Damon took the stage to present Captain Phillips, he realized that he forgot his glasses and couldn’t read his scripted intro. He made the best call he could have in the moment: he acknowledged what happened and defused the situation with a little humor. He let the audience laugh at his mistake, and he laughed with them.

Then he went on to deliver an entirely unscripted intro for the film. It was short and to the point, yet meaningful. Was it perfect? No, but it didn’t need to be. It was human, and the audience responded to the words that he spoke from the heart.

It was refreshing and encouraging to see someone turn a potential communication pitfall into a speech that connected with the audience.

Are you ready for a Matt-erafact response the next time something goes wrong?

- David Grossman

Image source: Popsugar


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