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February 12, 2014

Hit or MISS'ive: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Communication Hit

Bravo, Mr. Nadella, Bravo!

Satya Nadella, the newly named CEO of Microsoft, distributed an email to employees last week. This is one letter that other CEOs need to read.  We found it to be engaging, sincere and full of relevant information for the global Microsoft workforce.

Click on the image below and let’s take a brief look at what Mr. Nadella did right.  He:

Satya Nadella   Hit or Missive

And because he did all of the above things right, he was able to deliver a credible, encouraging and inviting rally cry and call-to-action.  He respectfully complemented what’s been done in the past – without too much gush – and challenged employees to be part of an exciting future.

Indeed, this was a fine first act by Mr. Nadella. 


- David Grossman


Want to see more examples of CEO communications - both good and bad? Check out all reviews in our Hit or Miss'ive column. 

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