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October 14, 2014

Se7en Deadly Sins Blog Post Series: Sin #7 Irrelevance

sin 7

Do you feel like people in your company are walking around with blinders on? Like every project exists in a bubble? Like no one has any idea how what they’re doing fits into the grand scheme of the company mission? That’s because leadership is guilty of our final Deadly Sin: Irrelevance, they fail to provide meaningful context for project and company goals and objectives.

The bottom line is this: If leaders aren’t providing relevance for objectives, employees are left to grasp for meaning in the dark.

Employees don’t need to know everything, but they do need to know the “WHAT” and the “WHY.” What are we doing, and why are we doing it? Without this overarching context, your team lacks the information to work with purpose and direction. Then, your team needs to know how it affects them, what’s in it for them, and its relevance.

Next time someone on your team makes a mistake or moves in the wrong direction, take a moment to look at yourself. You may be surprised to discover that you failed to provide context, thereby setting in motion further failures down the line.  Giving meaning to the work that your employees are completing on a daily basis could prevent errors by letting them in on the bigger picture.

When your team makes a mistake, ask yourself: What context didn’t I provide them that would have made the difference between a miss and a win?

Are you communicating the company’s goals and objective in a meaningful way to your employees?

-David Grossman


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