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November 11, 2014

Se7en Deadly Sins Blog Post Series Recap

Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership

Now that you have gotten familiar with each of the Se7en Deadly Sins of Leadership over the past few months, I am going to briefly recap them for you.  Leadership comes with a lot of responsibilities and these Se7en Deadly Sins can harm even the best of us.  Making sure you are aware of these common but dangerous sins is a step in the right direction for productive and successful leadership.

  1. Myopia: The sin of only seeing what’s right in front of you
  2. Hypocrisy: The sin of failing to practice what you preach
  3. Sloth: The sin of being too lazy to commit time and resources to great communication
  4. Detachment: The sin of being disconnected and distanced from your team
  5. Materialism: The sin of finding more value in counting short-term deliverables than in achieving long term goals
  6. Presumption:  The sin of assuming that everyone shares your perspective and understanding
  7. Irrelevance:  The sin of failing to provide meaningful context for project and company goals and objectives

For most leaders, avoiding any of the Se7en Deadly Sins takes honest self-assessment and a concerted effort.  And only by knowing these sins, or common traps that leaders fall into, can you begin to think about how to navigate around them.  Only then, as leaders, can we make the greatest impact on the people we lead.  With time and practice, good habits replace bad, and your past life of leadership sin becomes a distant memory.  The strategies given over the past few months are proven and I’ve seen them work irrespective of the industry, economy, or the leader’s personality. 

Becoming a great leader takes practice, and learning to avoid The Se7en Deadly Sins—and their associated behaviors—is one essential key to mastering the effective communication that drives great organizations. You communicate whether you want to or not … so you might as well get good at it.

Which sin are you guilty of committing the most?  What can you do to make sure you don’t continue to do so in the future?

-David Grossman


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