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September 23, 2014

New eBook: How To Think Like A CEO

How To Think Like A CEO cover

Understanding how others think is critical to influencing them and getting results.  It’s the key to persuading people and moving them to action.

My new eBook, How To Think Like A CEO, helps you look inside the brain of your CEO.  Doing so will help you take stock of your own professional strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve been privileged in my career to work with dozens of CEOs. I’ve seen inside their boardrooms, and been part of some of their most private conversations, when they often feel the most vulnerable. It’s through these defining moments that I’ve gained insights into how CEOs think and what they care about most.

In How To Think Like A CEO, I list the top 10 things that a CEO cares about and provide a self-reflection point for each.  These care-abouts include:

  1. Defining , then aligning people to a common vision or goal
  2. Growing leaders, especially future leaders
  3. Making everyone in the organization feel valued
  4. Defining the organization’s core competencies
  5. Balancing the focus on today and the future

And five more!

Getting this insight into the practical behaviors and skills that work for the most effective leaders can be a big help as you decide which strategies might work best for your organization.  You’ll see just how employees  build credibility as a strategic advisor if they start thinking more like a CEO.

Download—How To Think Like A CEO—and learn the top 10 things that CEOs care about to help elevate your performance.


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