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November 19, 2014

Your Favorite eBooks From 2014: On Top CEO Care-Abouts, Internal Communications Barriers & Effective Communication Strategies

We’re humbled when we hit the mark on content that makes a difference for you.

As we head toward the New Year, I wanted to share with you the Top 3 most popular eBooks from 2014.  Use them to learn something new before year-end, to finish 2014 strong, or to make resolutions for what you want to work on in 2015.  Here they are in order:

3. How To Think Like A CEO

How to Think Like A CEO

Understanding how others think is critical to influencing them and getting results. Once you know what someone is thinking, you're in the best position to be able to persuade them and move them to action.

How To Think Like A CEO lists the top 10 things that a CEO cares about and provides a self-reflection point for each. 

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2. The “Secret Weapon” Every CEO Needs

Secret Weapon Every CEO Needs

There's no question that CEOs are under more communications pressure than ever before.

The “Secret Weapon” Every CEO Needs provides the facts about the benefits of communication along with some questions you can use to uncover the evidence and then do some internal cross-examination to build a winning case for your own approach to internal communications. 

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1. Top 10 Barriers to Effective Communication

Top 10 Barriers to Effective Communication

Today, the savviest executives realize the power and potential of communication to drive results.  Smart leaders know they need to connect the dots differently than before.

The Top 10 Barriers to Effective Communication reveals what communication professionals can say to their leaders to help guide their thinking and offers a host of actionable tips for moving leaders past these barriers.

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Let us know what you’re working on.  We’d love to hear from you.

What are some topics you’d like to see covered in 2015?

-David Grossman


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