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October 8, 2019

Communicating Change Well Means Dialogue With Employees

Communicating change with employees

It’s easy to speak in platitudes and general terms when you’re looking to inspire change inside an organization. But the problem is those general messages get lost amid all the other sources of information flooding employees today. What’s more, we often resist what we’re not part of creating and so do employees.

Helping Employees Through Times of Change

The best way to get employees' attention is to dialogue with them about what’s changing and create together a simple action plan – the specific things they need to do every day to help achieve the outcomes you seek. During times of change, getting that kind of direction is critical for keeping employees focused on their work. Otherwise, it’s easy to get lost and caught up in rumor chains.

It’s especially helpful to tell credible stories about leaders and employees who’ve successfully navigated the changes. For example, stories of employees who’ve done smart things to cut costs or be more efficient are helpful. In this way, employees have something to work toward and a concrete idea for the kind of behaviors you’re looking to drive.

Helping employees feel a sense of pride about being more efficient with resources is also a great strategy. The message should be clear: wiser use of resources allows the company to focus on what matters most, and gives the organization – and its people – a better shot at long-term success.

How are you helping your employees thrive in times of change?

—David Grossman

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