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September 6, 2017

Create an Emotional Connection – Courageous Communicator Quest Challenge 9


How did your employees respond to you during last week’s Challenge? Inquisitive looks? Big smiles? It’s important to continue to keep those words and phrases as a part of your regularly used vocabulary, whether they’re new to you or not. The path of great leadership is a continuous one, not a one-time event. 

In this Challenge, you’ll see how emotionally connecting your employees to business goals is an integral part to communicating effectively. What we feel impacts what we do and goes a long way because it’s more memorable and motivating to the listener. 

Challenge 9: Create an Emotional Connection 

The Myth 

Great leaders don’t get distracted by things like emotions and feelings. They’re all about the facts. 

The Truth 

Facts are great; however, many people don’t connect with the facts. They identify with the stories that emerge from or develop in relation to the facts. People look to leaders to connect the factual dots, to fill in the color, and to paint a picture of what facts mean for the company, for the future, and for them as individual employees. Creating an emotional connection is also one of the fastest ways to move someone to action. 

The Courageous Communicator Challenge 

Help people imagine and live the success you’re aiming for. Write down your three most important goals. Now flesh out the possibilities inherent in achieving those goals by creating three “Imagine if…” statements that paint a picture of the future and offer motivation to your team. It’s your opportunity as a leader to inspire those around you by helping them see what you envision. 

Good “imagine” statements should:

  • Tie to your goals
  • Describe a compelling image of what’s possible and what you’re trying to create
  • Appeal to others to share in the possibilities you envision
  • Show others how they benefit. In the end, it’s an inspirational future that people want to be a part of and will work hard to help you get there. 

What do you envision and how are you communicating what’s possible? 

—David Grossman 

Check back next week for the 10th challenge where we’ll focus on understanding others and listening empathetically. 

If you are just joining us in our Courageous Communicator Quest Challenge, take a moment to start from the beginning here. 

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