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December 18, 2019

Deliver a Message with Maximum Impact


Relying on only one form of communication or one method to deliver a message—such as a monthly email message or webcast—is a clear mistake if you want to have maximum impact. Employees have different personalities and work habits.

Consider How Your Employees Like to Receive Information

No matter how much you may like one form of communication, you need to communicate with employees in their chosen medium.

Some people need to hear messaging in person. For others, the written word will sink in best. Some employees always check their email, while others look to social networks for the latest news and communication. Never assume that one message delivered one way will resonate with everyone. You might need to communicate the same message in multiple ways to reach and be heard and understood by everyone. Think of communication as a system and consider all the pieces and parts that make up that system.

What methods do you use to deliver your message to your team?

—David Grossman

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