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August 13, 2015

Email Is Here to Stay

Despite the many knocks on and concerns about email, I wholeheartedly believe that email will remain a key communication vehicle in the immediate future. For now, it’s not about eliminating email to be more effective. Instead, it’s about choosing to use the right vehicles for the message. 


When leaders and employees learn to think of email as simply one of many communication choices, they will naturally use it more productively, relevantly, and politely.

A further way to ensure that email is used correctly is to think about the desired outcome before any communication. What needs to be accomplished? Would a different action advance to the outcome faster or more efficiently? Would a five-minute phone call or face-to-face discussion help accelerate the project further, faster?

Consider the following guidelines for when to use email and when to consider other ways to communicate:

What Email Is Good For:

What Email Is Not Good For:

Informing others of a decision/achievement/event

Conflict resolution

Recapping action items

Decision-making (unless it’s easy)

Scheduling meetings

Presenting complicated information to achieve understanding and alignment

Setting expectations

Explaining changes or redirections that have immediate or direct implications for how someone needs to execute their work

Setting timelines

Tough conversations. (Use email only to document what’s discussed afterward.)

Distributing written confirmation of previously discussed information


Sharing documents or pre-read materials


When you use smarter strategies on email, you can clearly contain the email monster inside your company, making your workforce more productive, engaged and ultimately, more successful. 

Which other communication vehicles should you use more to help control email volume inside your organization? 

--David Grossman


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