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July 9, 2015

Enterprise Social Media’s Effect on Employee Behavior

In the last four years, several surveys and studies have found an interesting correlation between Enterprise Social Media (ESM) and employee behavior.


In those companies where employees claim their company is using ESM effectively, employees also report a higher willingness to:

    • Recommend products and services
    • Defend the company or at least give it the benefit of the doubt during times of crisis
    • Purchase stock in the company
    • Support government policy that would positively impact the company

These behaviors are all about employee brand advocacy and can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Though these surveys haven’t illustrated a direct cause and effect, the correlation suggests that those companies that put a premium on dialogue—particularly ESM conversations—have a higher likelihood of turning employees into brand ambassadors.

That’s a powerful notion, especially as companies struggle to find new and cost-effective ways to compete for customers and market share. 

The impact of ESM can be observed and measured in other ways:

  • A study from The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimates a 20-25% potential improvement in knowledge worker productivity as a result of ESM.
  • McAfee, one of the world’s largest online security companies, created an employee network for staff to collaborate, share knowledge and solve issues faster, helping to reduce call volume by 26%, cut call-handling costs by $2.6 million per year and increase customer satisfaction by 25%.


How are you measuring the impact of your enterprise social media? 

--David Grossman


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