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August 16, 2017

Envision the Future – Courageous Communicator Quest Challenge 6


Cheers to your progress so far! What did you learn about your organization or division from the last Challenge that you didn’t know before? Any intriguing feedback? I expect you unearthed some great, actionable items, or at least some stepping off points. 

This next Challenge is Envisioning the Future. You might have the most compelling vision for your organization, yet if you can’t get it out of your head and get others to see it and believe in it, it might as well not even exist. 

Challenge 6: Envision the Future

The Myth 

Great leaders are visionaries, and people fall in line behind their ideas because they want to align with genius. 

The Truth 

No doubt there are lots of people out there who are brilliant visionaries who never become great leaders. And why not? Because visionary ideas aren’t created by osmosis. Strong leaders encourage others to follow because they paint a picture of those ideas and show employees how they can be a part of helping achieve that vision. 

The Courageous Communicator Challenge 

First, get your vision out of your head—and onto a single piece of paper. Only by articulating your ideas clearly and concisely can you then pass them on to your employees. Engage your leaders to help you draft the vision. State your business goal and then talk about what’s possible. Employees want to be engaged in a meaningful journey toward a worthy destination. That dream sets the context and playing field and describes where you’re headed. Your vision should answer the question: “What do we want to become?” and paint a picture of where the organization wants to go. A vision looks to the future, is about dreams and hopes, and isn’t about how things get done. 

While creating your vision, keep in mind two things. You’ll need to:

1. Help employees understand why your vision is a good idea for the organization and for them as individuals.

2. Explain the context behind the vision so they understand how you got there.

What 2-3 things can you help your team imagine that brings your vision to life? 

—David Grossman 

Check back next week for the 7th Challenge where we’ll focus on Planning Your Communications. 

If you are just joining us in our Courageous Communicator Quest Challenge, take a moment to start from the beginning here. 

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