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January 16, 2018

How to Know You’re Communicating Well


I was talking with a client recently about how you know you’re getting your message across in a one-on-one situation, especially when you have a good amount of material to present.                        

One of the best ways to gauge understanding is by the questions your employees ask. But how do you know before then? The answer is simple: look for any kind of movement from the person you’re speaking with. Chances are a look away, a glance down, or nodding is a clue you’ll want to be aware of. 

The Signal to Check for Understanding 

That’s your signal to check for understanding by asking a question:

  • “We’ve covered a lot of information so far; how do you feel about what we discussed?”
  • Or, “How does this fit with how you see the current situation?”
  • Any question that opens dialogue (hint: ensure you ask open-ended questions vs. a yes/no question) will help you know where your audience stands.

When you know where your audience is coming from, you’re best able to be persuasive, because you can adapt your messages based on the feedback you’re getting. That’s the core of any great conversation that leads to shared meaning and, as always, to the results you want. 

How did you react to what I just shared? 

—David Grossman

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