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December 11, 2019

It’s a Mistake to Assume Employees Know How They Contribute


Too often, leaders assume employees fully understand their role and how their work contributes to the company’s overall success. Yet if you ask the average employee, they often can’t answer those critical questions. They truly don’t know how they fit in and why they matter.

Clarify the Employee's Role for Them

Leaders at every level of an organization have an important and specific role to help employees connect the dots between the big business picture and what it means for them.

When employees understand their role, they can articulate it and say how they are helping drive business results. Their role can be articulated as what they do, or even better, how they contribute. There’s an often-told story about two bricklayers. You ask one what he’s doing and he says, “I’m building a wall.” You ask the other what he’s doing and he says, “I’m building a castle.”

Organizations need people who build walls. More importantly, they desperately need employees who are castle builders. Which are your employees? The only way to know is to ask, and to coach if you need to widen their view on how they contribute to the overall strategy.

—David Grossman

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