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September 9, 2015

Just How Bad Has Email Overload Gotten at Your Company? Follow this 4-Step Process to Figure it Out

Before you can do anything about email volume, you need to get to the heart of your email problem. It’s important to first understand the stress caused by email overload in your organization. With that knowledge, you can then get to the best possible solutions.

Here’s a smart, four-step process to better understand email use inside your business:

Establish a baseline for email overload

Decipher how email is affecting your organization to understand how email misbehaviors cause stress and limit your employees’ productivity. Many companies conduct baseline surveys as a critical first step toward identifying the biggest employee pain points when it comes to email.

Create guidelines for email

Help the organization make the most of email, in keeping with your culture.  Progressive companies put together “Email Etiquette Guides” to remind employees of better email efficiency practices that can help cut down on total email volume.

Walk the walk

Actions speak louder than words. Help leaders in the organization follow the behaviors they wish to see in others. Clearly, how leaders use email will set the tone for the entire organization, for good or bad.

Offer email training and provide opportunities for employees’ to self-identify their own email misbehaviors.

Humor, when used correctly, can help reinforce the right behaviors in a light-hearted yet memorable way. Email personas and videos can be a big part of your communications strategy as well.

Any set of guidelines or trainings you offer could be enhanced with some quick tips for employees to keep in mind when writing any email. In that spirit, the Grossman Group created its own list of The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Email. 

Is email overload causing even more stress for your employees than you even imagined? What steps can you take to get to the heart of your company’s unique email pain points? 

-David Grossman


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