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January 25, 2017

Leadership Is More Than Just Leading Others

Leadership Is More Than Focusing On Your Followers


One’s not a leader without followers; yet to be effective, the focus can’t be just on those who follow.

Leadership involves persuading other people to follow and set aside their individual concerns, for at least a brief time, to pursue a common goal.

Start by Leading Yourself

Get to know yourself better.

The choices you make are a direct result of how you’re wired and what makes you tick.
Ensure you understand your motivations, along with being in touch with your inner state.

Understanding what’s happening with you emotionally will allow you to respond thoughtfully instead of react. Understand, recognize and appreciate the inner complexity that’s you.

That’s how you can awaken the leader within.

What things do you do as a leader to be more effective?

—David Grossman


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